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Mahesh Savani (MaheshBhai Savani) [Surat]: Biography, Net worth 2022, Family details, Wikipedia, Age, Contact, Marriage, Daughter, Son, Diamond business group name, Joined AAP & more

Mahesh Savani (Mahesh Sawani), who is also known as Maheshbhai Savani is one of the most successful business magnates, philanthropists, investors, social workers/activists, and chairperson of P.P Savani Group, from Surat, Gujarat.

All about Mahesh Savani

Curious to know about Mahesh Savani, but not getting any info about him, don't worry here I am going to share all about him as mentioned above, his biography, net worth 2022, family photos, family details, caste, village, marriage, Wikipedia page, age, contact number, house address, marriage, daughter, son, Diamond company name, Business Group name, political relationships, and join AAP on Sunday, 27, June 2021, etc.

He is mostly popular for the mass marriage arrangement.

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Quick info about Mahesh Savani /Mahesh Sawani

Here are some brief details about him like his real name, nickname, birthplace, village name, educational qualifications, occupation, nationality, net worth, Wikipedia, marriage, son and daughter name, and many others.

Quick info about Mahesh Savani /Mahesh Sawani

I am sharing all the quick info about him here.

Real NameMahesh Savani / Mahesh Sawani
Nick NameMaheshbhai Savani
Date of BirthNovember 3, 1970
Birth Place ( With Village Name)Vill.-Ranparda, Palitana, Dist. Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Educational QualificationDiploma in Civil Engineering, Bangalore.
OccupationBusinessman, Social Worker, Social Activist
Mahesh Savani Family NameMahesh
Mahesh Savani Son MarriageMohit Savani is married to Aayushi, Munit Savani is not married yet
Mahesh Savani Son NameMitul Savani and Mohit Savani
Mahesh Savani MarriageHe is a married person and has two son
Daughter NameHe is no real daughter
Political ConnectionYes, Mahesh Bhai Savani from Surat, Gujarat, Joined AAP on Sunday, 27, June 2021
WikipediaCurrently no page available on Wikipedia
Net Worth1000Cr.

Mahesh Savani's Biography | About Mahesh Savani

Mahesh Savani, Who is also known as Maheshbhai Savani in Surat, Gujarat. He is the most famous business personality in Gujarat, India. He is a former diamond merchant and now a realty business king. Mahesh has enough money coming in from his realty business under the name P.P Savani Group. It is a private limited firm. 

Mahesh has also joined AAP on Sunday, 27th June 2021 in Surat Gujarat, and is Now a member of AAP ( Aam Aadmi Party) in Surat, Gujarat. He joined the opposite party to BJP, as BJP is the most powerful party there, and has given many CMs there.

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About Mahesh Savani

Most of the people know him, because of mass marriage arrangements for the girls who have no parents or have lost their parents or don't have anyone to look after them. MaheshBhai claims that he has 2000 daughters. And it is true too. He has been in news as well for the arrangement of up to 300 marriages every time. 

He shared the life-changing story and ups and downs of his life that he faced in his life at his office in Surat, Gujarat. In 2008, one of his close relatives Ishwarbhai died, just before the wedding of his two daughters. Mahesh told that he did the "Kanyadan" of them, and spent 10 lakhs on their wedding.

At that time, Mahesh Savani realized that there are many such daughters who have lost their parents and can not afford the expenses of marriage, and need a father like him. With this thought in 2010, He started the mass wedding arrangement.

He believes that "The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others."

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Mahesh Savani AAP( Manish Sisodia get joined AAP to Mahesh Savani in Surat Gujarat)

Mahesh Savani Joined AAP | Aam Aadmi Party on 27th, June 2021 and is now a member of the AAP | Aam Aadmi Party in Surat Gujarat. AAP knew that Mahesh Bhai Savani is the most popular and most respected there. 

Here you can see Manish Sisodia get joined AAP to Mahesh Savani in Surat, Gujarat.

Manish Sisodia get joined AAP to Mahesh Savani in Surat, Gujarat

So they played a card on him, and get joined AAP to him.

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Family Background of Mahesh Savani

Mahesh Savani is born in a business family in a vill-Ranparada in Saurashtra, Surat, Gujarat. His father Vallabhbhai came from a middle family and become a successful businessman soon. In the starting, he worked as a laborer and built a diamond business, Which Mahesh Savani and his brothers ( Ramesh and Rajesh ) expanded over the years.

He joined his father's business in 1990 and started more diamond manufacturing units, They used to produce 35,000 pieces per month and soon started to produce more than 3 lakhs pieces per month. Soon they started expended their business in Hong Kong, Mumbai, and Belgium.

Mahesh Savani Family Background

When their business was at a high level. He got embroiled in a few cases against him over diamond import. Mahesh says, that those days from 2003-2007 were very frustrating, I was depressed and shifted to Mumbai in 2004, then for 3 years to Belgium. 

He says that his family was supportive and encouraged me in my tough times. He used to sit with his father and he learned all the business strategies from his father. Mahesh Admits that his father is the man behind all his success, We are just carrying forward and adding numbers. His life story is very inspiring to me.

He claims that his father used to earn just Rs. 125 per month. By saving a single penny he saved money and installed his first manufacturing unit in 1978. Trained his family members and started his business which later became big. By 2004 it has Rs. 150 crore annual turnover.

Educational Background

Mahesh Savani did his primary and intermediate studies at Sadhna Vidyalaya and his civil engineering from the Dayananda Sagar University, Bengaluru.

Mahesh Savani's Age

He was born on November 3, 1970, in Ranparda, Palitana, Dist. Bhavnagar. He is about 51 years old as of January 2021.

Mahesh Savani's Caste

He is a Baniya from the caste.

Mahesh Savani's Net Worth 2022 | Maheshbhai Savani's Net Worth | Mahesh Bhai Savani's net worth

Today as of 2022, Savani Group owns more than RS. 1000cr. as of net worth. He owns the P.P Savani Group in Surat, Gujarat. He runs this business with his family members like his brothers and sons. Now He has joined AAM Aadmi Party too. 

Mahesh Savani Net Worth

Mahesh Savani's Income

There is no exact data about his monthly or annual income. As he is running various businesses so it is hard to guess his mothy income until he does not disclose it himself.

Mahesh Savani's family details

Maheshbhai Savani has a wonderful family in Surat Gujarat, He has two sons- Mitul and Mohit, both are MBAs. Here are some of the useful details about his family here.

Mahesh Savani with family

Father's NameVallabhbhai Savani
Mother's NameNot Available
Brother's NameRamesh and Rajesh
DaughterMahesh Savani has no daughter
SonHe has two sons, Mitul Savani and  Mohit Savani, who are MBAs from London and New Zealand.
Daughter in LawAayushi Savani ( Wife of Mohit Savani)

Mahesh Savani's Daughter

He has no daughter, he claims that I don't have my own daughter but I have 2000 daughters. Who calls me father. 

Mahesh Savani's Wife's name

He has not shared the name of his wife, so we can share the name of his wife.

Mahesh Savani's Daughter in Law

Mahesh Savani has two sons and both of the sons got married. Mahesh Savani has two daughters-in-law ( Aayushi Savani ), who is the wife of Mohit Savani, and Janki Vithani who is the wife of Mitul Savani and daughter of Bharat Vithani.

Mahesh Savani Brother's Name

Mahesh Savani has two brothers, Ramesh and Rajesh. They are working with him in his business, P.P Savani Group.

Mahesh Savani Wikipedia

Currently, there is not any post available on Wikipedia about Mahesh Savani. If there would be any post about him on Wikipedia then I will mention that here.

Mahesh Bhai Savani's Business | Mahesh Savani company | P.P Savani Group 

Mahesh Savani does the business under the name of P.P Savani Group. The company builds housing, townships, schools, universities, and hospitals in Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

Mahesh Savani Business

Today, Mahesh, along with his brothers Ramesh and Rajesh, has led P.P Savani Group to a turnover of around Rs 1000 crore. Mahesh's Son Mitul has also joined their business after completing his MBA in London. His second son Mohit also doing MBA from New Zealand.

P.P Group has arranged more than 300 weddings till now, and each wedding costs about 4-5 lakhs. Each year more than 250 couples gathered in his P.P Savani School ground in Surat, and in one day they all get married.

Savani Group also sponsors the education of 3300 students who have lost their fathers in 260 schools in Surat. He makes sure that every student studies till the 12th class.

Mahesh Savani's Office Address

If you are the one who is looking for the address of Mahesh Savani Group then you can contact him at the below address.

Address: Block No. 206, T.P-62 Karadva Riad, Beside Mark Point, Dindoli, Surat, Gujarat 394210.

Mahesh Savani's house address

He has not shared his house address on his social media channels or on any other platforms. So I can not share his house address.

Mahesh Savani's Diamond Company Name | Mahesh Savani Group

He has closed his diamond business and now he does all his businesses under the name of P.P Savani Group.

Mahesh Bhai Savani's Contact Number | Mahesh Bhai Savani Mobile Number | Mahesh Savani contact details

I understand you want to contact Mahesh Savani, but I can not share his personal number on our website due to security issues.

Mahesh Savani's email id

You can contact him on his email ids is "Admin@savanigroup.in", or "Info@savanigroup.in".

Mahesh Savani Instagram

He is active on Instagram, you can follow him on Instagram with the following link.

Follow him on Instagram.

Mahesh Savani Twitter

Mahesh Savani is active on Twitter and you can follow him here.

Mahesh Savani on Facebook

He is active on Facebook, and you can follow him on Facebook here.

Mahesh Savani with Narendra Modi

Here is the most beautiful photo of Savani with Narendra Modi.

Mahesh Savani Photos with Narendra ModiMahesh Savani Photos in his office

Mahesh Savani's Family Photos

Check out the family photos of Mahesh Savani below. Here I am sharing some of the most popular photos of him in which he can be seen with his real family and the claimed daughters, whom he helped to get married.

Mahesh Savani Family Photo

Mahesh Savani Family PhotoMahesh Savani Family Photo 2Mahesh Savani Family Photo 3

Mahesh Savani Family Photo 4Mahesh Savani Family Photo 5Mahesh Savani Family Photo 6Mahesh Savani Family Photo 7


1. Accused of Kidnapping

He is accused of alleged extortion and kidnapping of Gautam Patel (65) from his house in 2020 and demanded 19cr. from him. Want to read more about this case. read on Indiatimes or Opindia.com.

2. Mahesh Savani posted a fake image from Pakistan to show Gujarat in poor light

Mahesh Savani posted a fake image from Pakistan to show Gujarat in poor light

Mahesh Savani shared a fake image representing a tree for electricity in Gujarat and claimed that Gujarat Govt. has failed to repair an electric pole even after two months of Cyclone Tauktae.

Read the full article here.

FAQs about Mahesh Savani Surat

Surat Businessman Mahesh Savani is the most popular name on the internet today. due to joining AAP on 27th, June 2021. He was previously famous for mass marriage arrangements for the girls who don't have someone to care for them. 

FAQs about Mahesh Savani Surat

Here I will cover all the most frequently asked questions about him.

1. Who is Mahesh Savani Surat?

Ans. Mahesh Savani is the most popular name in Surat, Gujarat, He became popular for his social work- Arranging mass marriage arrangements for the girls, who can not afford their marriage expenses. Mahesh Savani arranges all expenses at their end And spends all the money from his pocket.

He is the owner of P.P Savani Group, Surat, Gujarat, and does business in the real estate industry,

2. Is Mahesh Savani married?

Ans. Yes, He is married and has two sons as well, Mitul Savani and Mohit Savani.

3. Does Mahesh Savani have a son?

Ans. Yes, He has two sons ( Mitul Savani and Mohit Savani ), both are MBAs from London and New Zealand respectively.

4. Has Mahesh Savani joined Aam Aadmi Party?

Ans. Yes, He has joined AAP in Surat, Gujarat, on 27th, June 2021.

5. What is the caste of Mahesh Savani?

Ans. Bania, from Surat, Gujarat.

6. What is the name of Mahesh Savani's Son?

Ans. Mahesh Savani Surat has two sons, Mitul and Mohit.

7. What is the net worth of Mahesh Savani Surat?

Ans. His Net Worth is above 1000Cr.

8. What is the name of Mahesh Savani's daughters-in-law?

Ans. He has two daughters-in-law, Aayushi Savani and Janki Vithani.

9.  Who is Nikhil Savani?

Ans. Nikhil Savani is General Secretary of the National Students' Union of India. Savani's political career started with a Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti. Nikhil Savani was among over 10 injured as the student body clashed with ABVP during protests against campus violence in Ahmedabad.

10. Has Mahesh Savani quits the APP?

Ans. Yes, has quit the APP, he told to media that he is quitting the party due to personal reasons. You can read the full news here.

These are the most frequently asked questions.


Here in the biography of Mahesh Savani, I tried to cover everything related to him. I hope you liked it all. If you think something is missing from this biography, then let me know. I will add that to this post. If you found this post useful then please share this post with your loved ones who may be happy to know about Mahesh Savani.

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