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All about Premier Jason Kenney

Some quick information about Jason Kenney

Here I am going to share some of the quick info about Jason Kenney, like his real name, age, date of birth, net worth 2022, family details, and more.

Some quick information about Jason Kenney

Real NameJason Thomas Kenney
Nick NameJason Kenney
Date of Birth30 May 1968
Age54 years old as of 2022
BirthplaceOakville. Ontario, Canada
Wife NameNA
Father's NameRobert Martin Kenney
Mother's NameLynne Kenney
ProfessionPolitician, 18th Premier of Alberta
Zodiac SignGemini
Political PartyUnited Conservative Party (UCP)
Net Worth$1 million to $5 Milion

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Jason Kenney Biography | About Jason Kenney (Who is Jason Kenney?)

Jason Thomas Kenney is a popular Canadian politician, he is popularly known as Jason Kenney (Premier). He is the leader of the Union Conservative Party. He has been serving as the current Premier of the Canadian province of Alberta.

Jason Kenney Biography | About Jason Kenney

He took office on April 30, 2019. Besides that, he has been leading the United Conservative Party, also known as UCP, since 2017.

Kenney was born in a Canadian town named Oakville, Ontario. His father’s name was Robert Martin Kenny who was a teacher at Appleby College. Jason Kenney studied at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame during his initial days. His father was the president of that school.

Later on, he went to St. Michaels University School in Victoria, British Columbia. It is said that a short conversation with Former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker inspired him to join politics. Later, he went to California and studied philosophy at the University of California.

But he had an unsuccessful stint there. He did not even complete his undergraduate degree. Therefore after some time, he returned to his native country. 

Jason Kenney Political Career 

After returning to Canada he started working for the Saskatchewan Liberal Party. Initially, he worked as Ralph Goodale’s executive assistant, who was the leader of the party at that time. Then, he was hired as the first executive director of the Alberta Taxpayers Association in 1989.

Jason Kenney Political Career

Later on, he also served as president and chief executive officer of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

At the young age of 29, Kenney was elected to the Canadian House of Commons in 1997 as a member of the Reform Party of Canada. He worked as the national co-chairman of Stockwell Day’s campaign for leadership of the alliance.

Besides that, he also provided his services as the national co-chairman of the CA’s election drive in 2000. As an opposition leader, he worked as deputy House Leader for the Official Opposition. He also offered his services as a critic for Finance, Canada-US relations, and national revenue.

Kenny supported the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 since he did not want to jeopardize US-Canada relationships. Much to China’s ire, he hosted Dalai Lama. He was a member of a group named “Canada Tibet Committee”.

To further enrage China, he visited the family of the late Zhao Ziyang, during his visit to China in 2008. Zhao Ziyang was a reformer and critical of Maoist policies. He advocated for reforms in the Chinese market. 

He was appointed as one of the two Parliamentary Secretaries to Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2006 along with Sylvie Boucher. Later in 2007, he took office as the Secretary of state for Multiculturalism and Canadian identity.

He became minister of Citizenship and Immigration in 2008 after a shuffle in Prime Minister Stephen Harper-led cabinet. For a better understanding of the Asian Canadian community, he launched Asian Heritage month in 2009. 

Some changes were announced to the popular Skilled Worker Immigration Program by Kenny in 2010. Those changes made it essential for workers seeking to work in Canada, to have either an offer of arranged employment or they must be qualified in one of 29 eligible professions mentioned in the National Occupational Classification.

They also decided to limit the number of applications per year to 20000. He stated that the changes were aimed at making the immigration system much more efficient which according to him had quite a few flaws. Some immigrants were using fraudulent ways to obtain Canadian citizenship.

On top of that, it was made mandatory to be fluent in either English or French to be able to work in the country. As per Kenney, he did not want the system to be abused and hence was looking to allow only skilled people into the country.

After some time, an investigation was launched into nabbing the culprits who acquired citizenship illegally. Subsequently, the citizenship of around 1800 people was revoked. Kenny also criticized the US soldiers who were looking to seek asylum in Canada in order to avoid getting punished in their native land due to refusing to partake in the Iraq war.

Kenny assumed office as minister of employment and social development after a cabinet reshuffle in July 2013. During his tenure, he intended to expand the review process for the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security disability appeals.

Next year a novel training program, Canada Job Grant, was launched having reached an agreement with his provincial counterparts apart from Quebec. That program aimed at training unemployed workers. Tons of money was spent to promote the program.

Following another reshuffle in the cabinet, he was appointed as defense minister of the nation in 2015. Having assumed office, he toughened his stance on national security. He termed ISIS a threat to the country and adopted a tough approach to the militant outfit.

A few days later, he criticized Russia for confronting the Royal Canadian Navy vessel, however, these claims were denied by NATO. In the same month, Kenny justified the Canadian airstrikes in Syria citing the capability of their aircraft. Kenny found himself in trouble after he posted photos claiming to be of ISIS enslaving girls. But those photos turned out to be unrelated to the outfit.

He played a key role in Conservative Party’s success in 2011. He started a drive to reach out to ethnic minority voters. He managed to win their support which helped his party in the election later. He was a key figure in bringing ethnic communities closer to the Conservative party, as immigration minister.

He even openly admitted that he sought their support. Despite the conservatives’ poor showing in the 2015 federal election, Kenney managed to secure personal victory when he was reelected in Calgary Midnapore.

Kenny was always seen as a leader who would be a worthy successor to Stephen Harper as chief of the party. Kenny made a shocking announcement on July 7, 2016, that he would leave his post. Sticking to his word, he relinquished his seat on September 23.  

On March 18, 2017, he was chosen as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. He vowed to unify the PCPC and Wildrose Party. Soon a merger deal was announced and on July 24, 2017, the merger was completed. He became the first leader of the United Conservative Party (UCP) in October.

A few months later, MLA Dave Rodney leaves his seat, and Kenney was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. As one of the most influential leaders, Kenny has had his fair share of controversies as well. Kenny has been pretty conservative when it comes to abortion.

He has made it clear every now and again that he is against abortion. He endorsed laws seeking to restrict the practice. His stand on same-sex marriage is also not positive. He has often spoken against such practices. Kenny had to expel one of his party members after he made disparaging remarks about the gay pride flag. 

John Kenny is the 18th premier of Alberta, a province in Canada. The United Conservative Party fought in the 2019 Alberta General Election under Kenny’s leadership. He led them to a resounding victory with the party securing 63 seats and winning more than 54% of the popular vote.

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Achievements and awards over the years

Let's check out the top facts about Jason Kenney now. Here are some of the facts about him below.

Achievements and awards over the years

  1. Way back in 2004, Maclean’s magazine named one of Canada’s top 100 future leaders.

  2. He was given Queen Elizabeth || Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002.
  3. The Globe and Mail praised him and called him one of Canada’s leading conservative activists. If that wasn’t enough, Financial Post mentioned him on his list of 21 Canadians to watch in the 21st century.
  4. He was named the hardest working MP of 2011, by Maclean’s.
  5. The University of Haifa conferred an honorary doctorate on Jason Kenney on November 4, 2012. In the same year, he received Queen Elizabeth || Diamond, Jubilee Medal.
  6. He was awarded UN WATCH Moral Courage Award for raising his voice for the victims of international tyranny in 2014.
  7. He received a traditional Tibetan scarf from the 14th Dalai Lama’s representatives at a ceremony in Geneva. Recognizing his efforts to reach out to Canadian ethnic and cultural communities, a UK institute named “Policy Exchange”, presented him with the inaugural Benjamin Disraeli award in the same year.
  8. Ukraine’s President Pedro Poroshenko bestowed an Order of Merit, third class on Kenney in 2016.

Jason Kenney's net worth and salary in 2022

Curious to know about the net worth and salary of Jason Kenney in 2022, but not getting any info about her net worth and salary in 2022, don't worry, here I am going to share all about his net worth and salary in 2022 below.

Jason Kenney net worth and salary in 2022

People often want to know, “how much is Jason Kenney worth.” So now let’s talk about his net worth. According to some stats available on the internet, his net worth in 2022 is around $1 million to $5 million.

Social Media Presence of Kenney

Jason Kenney is active on social media and you can follow him there. 

Social Media Presence of Kenney

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FAQs about Premier Jason Kenney

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Premier Jason Kenney

FAQs about Premier Jason Kenney

Let's check out all the FAQs about Jason Kenney below.

1. Does Jason Kenney have a wife? 

Ans. There is no concrete information available about his marital status. Hence it’s difficult to say whether or not Kenney is married.

2. How much is Jason Kenney worth?

Ans. As per some reports, his net worth in 2022 is around $ 1 million to $5 million.

3. Where does Jason Kenney live now?

Ans. Jason Kenney lives in Calgary, Alberta.

4. Where is Jason Kenney from?

Ans. Jason Kenney is from Oakville, Canada.

5. What nationality is Jason Kenney?

Ans. Jason Kenney is a Canadian. 

6. What does Jason Kenney do?

Ans. Jason Kenney is a politician, and he is currently serving as the 18th premier of Alberta province in Canada. 


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