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Web Domain Age Checker: Curious to know the age of a domain, but don't know how to check. Check out here. Here you can check the age of any domain associated with a website or just a domain purchased by you or anyone you know or may not know.

Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker is a free service that is provided by BizAdda360.com free of cost. If you are planning to purchase an old domain from someone or just an expired domain then this tool can help you a lot. 

FAQs about Domain Age Cheker

Here are toop FAQs about Domain Age Checker tool.

What is the Domain Age Checker tool?

What is the Domain Age Checker tool?: Are you the one, who is not aware of the domain age checker tool, then you are in the right place, here I will share all the important things which are important to know while buying a domain

Domain Age Checker tool is a tool that can help in knowing the age of a domain. It especially helps when you want to know someone else's website's age or buy an old domain from a website or domain reseller.

What is Domain Age?

What is Domain Age?: Domain is not anything complicated thing to know. It is the age when someone purchased a domain. Like if someone buys a domain today on 12 March 2022 then it will one year old on 12 March 2023 next year.

There can be two types of age associated with a domain. 

1. Age of a fresh domain

If you buy a fresh domain then its age will be considered from the date you register that domain.

2. Age of a resoled domain

If you buy a domain that you buy from someone who sold you or you bought from a domain reselling website. Then you will get the age of the domain when the seller registered that domain for the first time. 

There are millions of people especially bloggers, website building agencies, and freelancers, who need to check the age of a domain. As their work mostly depends on a website. So for visibility of their services over the internet, it is very important and the first thing when going to buy a domain. 

When it comes to the age of a domain then it is very important for anyone who wants to launch a business website. It does not matter the type of business. But in sum cases, it becomes very important to have a good age. 

As any aged domain ranks better when launching a website over that. If you have a domain that has aged with it then you can rank better on the search engines, especially on Google. Google considers it a positive sign for ranking.

Why is it so important to know the age of a Domain?

There may be people who don't take domain age much seriously till now, but one thing that will make them check the age of a domain or website, and that is search engines' preference for an old domain or website.

Imagine you want to buy a domain but don't know which one to go with. Like you may have two options. First, you may buy a fresh domain that was never registered by anyone in the past. 

But a website that you will launch on that will rank slower than the website that you will launch on an old domain. 

But now you may be thinking that how to buy an old domain or expired domain. 

Then, I would like to tell you that it is no wonder to buy an expired domain today. There are some websites like bizadda360.com, flippa.com, and many others, where you can check the domains which are going to expire soon. You can buy the domain from there.

For reference, you can try on expireddomains.net. It is a free website, where you filter the domain that you want to check. There are different types of filters available to check expired domains. 

How to find an expired domain?

Finding expired domains is no big deal today. As there are many websites available today over the internet you can choose to check the expiring domains for free. Like if you want to check an expired domain you can check on expireddomains.net.

Here you will have to signup for accessing their's all features. Then you can apply the different filters to check the expired domains. And not only expired domains but you can also find the domain like closeout domains. recently deleted domain. domains available on bidding, or auctions.

There you apply the filter to check the recently expired domains too. And the good thing about this is that you can know the date of expiring and the price of a domain.

Why choose Domain Age Checker Tool?

The most important reason to use the Domain Age Checker Tool is, that you can check the domain age of a domain. Which is an important factor to know about the competitor's website and for buying a new domain both.

How to use Domain Age Checker?

How to use Domain Age Checker?:

How to use Domain Age Checker?

This is one of the easiest things that anybody can do, Just follow the simple steps:

  1. You just enter the domain name in the input field
  2. Click on get domain age,
  3. And you will get the domain age.

Final Words

I understand there may some more things in your mind related to this so if it is so then let me know. I will do that for our users.

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