Google Web Story Checker & AMP Page Validator

Recently created a Web Story and want to test it now, is valid or not, Try our Google Web Story Checker to test your page URL. We are providing you the direct link to test your page URL from Google. Google Web Story is new for some people and they want to test, Is their Web Story is valid or not. 

If you are also the one, who is new to Google Web Story then you can try the above Web Story or AMP Page URL Checker.


FAQs about Web Story and AMP Page Validator

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Web Story and AMP Page Checker, which may help you. Here are answered the most important questions about AMP Pages, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Who should try this Web Story and AMP Page Validator?

You may have questions in your mind especially if you are not using the AMP version of your website. AMP version of a webpage is just like another webpage but has less use of third-party libraries and javascript. And you use minimum CSS and all other things to make this webpage light so that it can open faster on mobile.

It is designed for mobile users. If someone finds your webpage on mobile then this light version of the webpage will automatically be suggested by Google to your users.

What are the advantages of using the AMP version of your website?

There are a lot of people who are confused about the AMP version. And don't, is it good to use the AMP version of webpages or not? But don't worry here We will try to answer all those questions too. Here are some of the top advantages of using AMP Webpages. 

  • AMP Webpages rank better in search or you may say AMP webpages are faster to load so Google gives preference to them.
  • Your overall ranking gets better after using it.
  • Your chances of seeing in Google Discover increase.
  • You may also see it in Google's Top Stories section too.
  • And some others

What are the disadvantages of using the AMP Version of your website?

Here are some top disadvantages that you will see after using the AMP version of a website.

  • If you use Google AdSense then your revenue will drop. There are some restrictions in using AdSense ads. For example, you can fix an ad.
  • You will have to compromise with your website UX and UI and will have to build a light weighted webpages so that they can load faster.
  • You can not use Javascript in that. So a lot of functionality will also be impacted.
  • You will have to invest in developing if you want some functionality like taking using info.