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Jyoti Mehta (Harshad Mehta's wife) Wiki, Biography, Net worth 2022, Broke Silence about his Husband's death, Website, Age, Son, Husband, Daughter, Profession, Scam 1992, &more...

Curious to know about Jyoti Mehta (Harshad Mehta Wife), her Biography, Wiki, Net worth 2022, Age, Son, Daughter, Profession, Website, Scam 1992, and more, who is also known as Jyoti Harshad Mehta, but not getting any appropriate information about her.  Don't worry here I will share all the details about her. 

About Jyoti Mehta

Want to read all the current information about the Jyoti Mehta, Explore this post till the end, you will get all the updates about Jyoti Harshad Mehta below.

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Quick info about Jyoti Harshad Mehta ( Harshad Mehta wife)

Jyoti Mehta is the wife of Harshad Mehta, and most popular over the internet due to her husband Harshad Mehta.

Quick info about Jyoti Mehta Wife of Harshad Mehta

Here I am sharing the quick short info about Jyoti Mehta, which will give you quick ideas about her. Who is she? her husband's name, son's name, educational qualifications, connection in scam 1992 or securities scam 1992, why is she so popular, her age now, date of birth, birthplace, mother tongue, caste, nationality, net worth in 2022, and more.

NameJyoti Mehta
Nick Name & Full NameJyoti Harshad Mehta
AgeAbout 61 years old as of 2022
Date of BirthBorn between 1958-1960
Birth PlaceIndia
Mother TongueGujarati
CasteGujarati ( Jain)
ChildrenSon-Aatur Harshad Mehta or Atur Mehta, Daughter-None
HusbandHarshad Mehta
Famous ForHarshad Mehta Wife
Son NameAatur Harshad Mehta
Net WorthAbout 2.3 Cr. as of 2022
Harshad Mehta wife's websiteharshadmehta.in

These are some of the quick info about her. 

Jyoti Mehta's Biography | About Jyoti Mehta (Harshad Mehta Wife)

Jyoti Mehta ( Harshad Mehta's wife ) is not a new name on the internet today. She is so famous today over the internet just like a celebrity. But mostly famous for the wrong things, which her husband Harshad Mehta did in his life.

Jyoti Mehta ( Jyoti Harshad Mehta ) Biography

Jyoti Mehta is part of Harshad Mehta's life from the early days of  Harshad Mehta's career. She used to be with him when he used to be a stockbroker, both of them got married at a very young age. After marriage to Harshad Mehta, she was a housewife or homemaker. 

But due to the 1992 securities scam, his husband got prisoned and one day Harshad Mehta died due to a sudden heart attack in police custody for the crime he did. 

So she had to stand out to support her family. Harshad Mehta and Jyoti Mehta had a son Aatur Harshad Mehta, also known as Atur Mehta.

After Harshad Mehta got into criminal custody, Jyoti got involved during a series of legal battles. She was trying to achieve money that her husband had the right over. The tax Appellate Tribunal scrapped almost the whole tax demand of quite ₹2000 crore after 27 years that was on Harshad, his wife, Jyoti, and his brother, Ashwin Mehta.

Since 1992, Stockbroker Kishore Janani and Federal Bank owed about six crore rupees to Harshad. Jyoti won a case against them in the same year, in 2019. She was entitled to receive the whole amount with 18% interest because she was his sole beneficiary. 

Jyoti Mehta Come back after 3 decades of his husband's death and broke the silence | Harshad Mehta Wife's website

Recently, Harshad Mehta wife lauched a website (harshadmehta.in), where she shared all the important details about his family life, journey, and mishappenings, I also recommoned you to go through the website, to know the reality behind his Harshad Mehta's death, and many other things, which you may not know.

Her website is harshadmehta.in

Educational Qualifications of Jyoti Mehta ( Harshad Mehta Wife )

Let's check out educational qualifications of Jyoti Mehta now.

Educational Qualifications

If I talk about the educational qualifications of Harshad Mehta's wife Jyoti Mehta, then she is a graduate, She did her primary education from a local school, and during her early marriage days, she was just a homemaker.

Although there is not any update about here schools and college name. If I will get that detailed from any reliable resource then I will mention that too here.

Jyoti Mehta Family Details

Want to know more about Jyoti Mehta's family. Don't worry here I will share all the information about her family that is available publicly. 

Jyoti Mehta Family Details

Jyoti Mehta and Harshad Mehta were a famous couple at the time when they were at their high in the stock market, And Harshad Mehta was doing his best in the stock market, but once the 1992 scam came to light their bad days started. 

Let's check out her family details.

Jyoti Mehta and Harshad Mehta has not a big family, both of them have only one son ( Aatur Harshad Mehta ). 

There are some other family members who were also a part of their family, those are her brother-in-law, father-in-law, and mother-in-law.

She has three brothers-in-laws Ashwin Mehta, Sudhir Mehta, and Hitesh Mehta. Her father-in-law Shanitlal Mehta was a businessman, and her Mother-in-law, who was a housewife.

Jyoti Mehta Age ( Date of birth of Jyoti Mehta /  wife of Harshad Mehta )

Jyoti Mehta is very popular since the death of her husband Harshad Shantilal Mehta, and most of the people who did not have any idea about her, want to know more about her. One thing that people looking for is the age of Jyoti Mehta today.

Jyoti Mehta Age ( Date of birth of Jyoti Mehta )

Jyoti Mehta was born between 1958-1960 in India. She made the distance from the media and all the social platforms so there is not much information available about her date of birth.

She is about 61 years old as of 2022.

Jyoti Mehta's profession

If I talk about her profession then Jyoti Mehta was just a homemaker and after the death of his husband (Harshad Shantilal Mehta) she had to face many legal issues due to her scam in 1992, which was done by her husband.

She is now just known for the Harshad Mehta or Aatur Mehta.


Jyoti Mehta's Net Worth 2022

Jyoti Mehta, being the wife of Harshad Mehta is expected to have a lot of money. But not many people know about her net worth in 2022. Here I am sharing her net worth details below.

Jyoti Mehta Net Worth 2022

As per corporate shareholdings filed for June 30, 2022, publicly holds 5 stocks with a net worth of over Rs. 2.3 Cr.

check out trendlyne.com for more details.

Jyoti Mehta ( Harshad Mehta wife ) real-life Photos

Jyoti Mehta ( Wife of Harshad Mehta ) is most popular over the Internet, but there are not many photos available over the Internet of her.

Here are some real-life photos of Jyoti Mehta ( Harshad Mehta Wife ).

Harshad Mehta wife's real photo -1Harshad Mehta wife's real photo -2Harshad Mehta wife's real photo -3

These are some of the real-life photos of Jyoti Harshad Mehta.

FAQs about Jyoti Mehta ( Harshad Mehta wife )

Here I will share all the frequently asked questions about her. As she is so popular with her husband so there must be so many questions which people want to know about her. 

FAQs about Jyoti Mehta

But don't worry here, I will cover all the questions which are asked till now by the people.

Let's check out the FAQs below.

1. Who is Jyoti Harshad Mehta?

Ans. Jyoti Harshad Mehta is the real wife of Harshad Shantilal Mehta. 

2. Where is Jyoti Mehta ( Harshad Mehta's wife ) now?

Ans. There is not much information available about her, after the death of Harshad Mehta. Some websites claim that she left India after the death of Harshad Mehta. And currently living in the USA with her Son, Aatur Harshad Mehta.

3. How did ( husband of Jyoti Mehta ) Harshad Mehta dead?

Ans. He was dead due to a heart attack in police custody in 2001.

4. Where did Harshad Mehta and Jyoti Mehta met the first time?

Ans. As per some sources, they met first time in Mumbai and got married after some time.

5. Who was Harshad Mehta's wife?

Ans. Jyoti Mehta who is also known as Jyoti Harshad Mehta is the wife of Harshad Mehta.

6. is Jyoti Mehta alive?

Ans. Yes, she is alive, she recently lauched a website harshadmehta.in too, which again prove that she is alive.

These were some of the most frequently asked questions about here. If you have more questions related to her let me know.


Here I tried to cover everything about Jyoti Mehta (Harshad Mehta Wife) like her biography, net worth 2022, age, family details, and more. But there may be many things that are not included in this biography. If you think something is missing in this biography of Jyoti Mehta, then let me know.

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