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All about Mária Telkes

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Quick info about Mária Telkes

Mária Telkes is the most popular name on the internet today. Here I am sharing all the important info in short. You can find out all the important info about her quickly in the below table.

FullnameDr. Mária Telkes
NicknameThe Sun Queen
Date of birthDecember 12, 1900
BirthplaceBudapest, Austria-Hungary
Died2 December 1995 (aged 94) Budapest, Hungary
ProfessionScientist Biophysicist, and Inventor
HometownBudapest, Austria-Hungary
Educational QualificationsB.A. in physical chemistry in 1920 and a PhD in 1924
Husband NameNA
Marital StatusUnmarried
ParentsFather's name- Aladar, Mother's name- Maria Laban de Telkes
Net Worth 2022NA

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Mária Telkes  Biography

Mária Telkes Biography: Mária Telkes Who is also known as Mária Telkes, was a popular Hungarian-American scientist,  biophysicist, and inventor. She was born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary on December 12, 1900.

Mária Telkes  Biography

She was about 95 years old; when she lost her life and was visiting her hometown in 70 years. She is worldwide famous for her work on solar energy-related technologies. She was a very visionary lady, who studied physical chemistry at the University of Budapest in 1920 and received her Ph.D. in 1924. 

She came to the United States first time in 1925 and joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to learn the practical uses of solar energy. She was very curious to learn about solar technologies, and it was what made her so popular in this field.

While she was studying at MIT, she founded a method, using which she could store solar energy from the sun, she used sodium sulfates in her method to store solar energy. It was 1939 when she first entered in the world of solar energy research. 

When it was World War 2, She created a distillation device for the sun used in the military's emergency medical lives. Which helped the downed airmen and torpedoed sailors. Not only this, they even founded a device which is called a solar distiller, by using this device they could vaporize seawater, recondensing it into water that was drinkable for others.

And the reason for this invention was to help people from villages and arid regions. 

And now comes her first achievement, which is her nickname, she is called "The Sun Queen". Telkes is considered one of the founders of solar thermal storage systems. After World War 2 she became an associate research professor at MIT. 

The Dover House, built in 1948, required dispersed air. She collaborated with architect Eleanor Raymond, her partner, to build the first solar-heated home in the 1940s. They achieved this by utilising a chemical that crystallised, trapped the heat, and then released it while maintaining an internal temperature.

They were incredibly successful in doing this since they managed to keep a Massachusetts home warm during the bitter winter. In 1953, the Ford Foundation gave her a $45,000 grant to develop a universal solar oven that could be adapted for use by people living in all different latitudes and regions.


People used this oven to cook a variety of foods, but it was secure enough for young children to use. Being the creative person that she was, she expanded on this notion to create a quicker method for farmers to dry off their crops. Later on, this led to the creation of materials strong enough to withstand the temperatures in space.

Telkes received the Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award for the first time in 1952, and the National Academy of Sciences Building Research Advisory Board honoured her with a lifetime achievement award in 1977. She did this to promote the solar-heated building technology she spent her time developing.

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Mária Telkes  Early life and education

Mária Telkes Early life and education: Now come to her early life, and education, as this is one the important thing about her that you must know, as education and family background also play a crucial role in anyone's life.

Mária Telkes  Early life and education

She was born to Aladar (father) and Maria Laban de Telkes (mother), in Budapest, Hungary, on December 12, 1900. If we talk about her education the she received her early education from elementary and high school in Budapest. 

Later she did her graduation in B.A with physical chemistry in 1920 from the University of Budapest, and Ph.D. in 1924 from the same University.  

Mária Telkes's salary and net worth 2022

There are a lot of people who are interested to know about the net worth of Mária Telkes but they don't get any updates about his net worth and monthly salary. As she is no more so her net worth and salary-related info are not relevant in this time.

Career details of Mária Telkes

Career details of Mária Telkes: Telkes visited a relative who worked as the Hungarian consul in Cleveland, Ohio, before she immigrated to the United States in 1924. She was then given a job at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation to look into how much energy is produced by living things.

Career details of Mária Telkes

She inquired in a letter to MIT about a position in the school's brand-new solar energy programme. She worked there from 1939 to 1953. Telkes then worked at Westinghouse as a biophysicist. She created alloys of metal for thermocouples, which turn heat into electricity.

While employed by the foundation, Telkes conducted research, and with the help of George Washington Crile, they created a photoelectric device that could capture brain waves. Additionally, they collaborated to write a book titled Phenomenon of Life.

Interesting Facts about Mária Telkes

Interesting Facts about Mária Telkes:

Interesting Facts about Mária Telkes

Let's talk about the facts about Mária Telkes now.

  1. Mária Telkes was born and died in Budapest, Austria-Hungary.
  2. She was about 95 years old when died in 1995.
  3. She wad died on 2 December 1995 (aged 94) in Budapest, Hungary.
  4. She is called as 'The Sun Queen'.
  5. She is known for Thermoelectricity.
  6. She got the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
  7. Her popular institutions where she studied are  Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Westinghouse, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, and University of Delaware.

FAQs about Mária Telkes

Although I tried to cover everything about her in this post, there may be many things that could not be mentioned in this post. If you think something is missing, then let me know I will update that here. 

FAQs about Mária Telkes

Here I am sharing the top most frequently asked questions and their answers below.

1. Who is Mária Telkes?

Ans. Mária Telkes was popular Hungrian-Amerian Scientist, Inventor and Biologsict. She was also known as 'The Sun Queen'.

2. Where was Mária Telkes born?

Ans. She was born in Budapest, Austria-Hungary.

3. What are the educational qualifications of Mária Telkes?

Ans. She did his graduation from the University and post-graduation of Budapest with B.A. in physical chemistry in 1920 and a Ph.D. in 1924

4. What was the nationality of Mária Telkes?

Ans. She is a Hungarian-American.

5. Was Mária Telkes married? | Who was the husband of Telkes married?

Ans. No, She never married in her life and had no child.

6. What did Maria Telkes do for a living?

Ans. She worked on solar energy technologies.

7. Where did Maria Telkes go to school?

Ans. She studied physical chemistry at the University of Budapest, graduating with a B.A. in 1920 and a Ph. D. in 1924.

8. Mária Telkes  Wikipedia?

Ans. You can check out his profile on Wikipediatoo.


Here I tried to share everything about Mária Telkes like his biography, net worth, political career, family details, age, birthplace, and more. There may be something that is missing in this post. If you think something is missing then let me know I will update that too in this post.

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