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Curious to know about Marie Tharp, but not getting any appropriate info about her, don't worry here I am going to share everything about Marie Tharp like his Biography, Cause of Death, Age, Net worth in 2022, Salary, Educational Qualifications, Family Details, Parents, Husband, Children, Nationality, interesting facts, and more.

All about Marie Tharp

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Quick info about Marie Tharp

Marie Tharp is the most popular name on the internet today. Here I am sharing all the important info in short. You can find out all the important info about her quickly in the below table.

Quick info about Marie Tharp

FullnameMarie Tharp
NicknameMarie Tharp
Date of birthJuly 30, 1920
BirthplaceYpsilanti, Michigan
DiedAugust 23, 2006 (aged 86) Nyack, New York
ProfessionGeologist and Oceanographic Cartographer
Educational Qualifications
  • Graduated from Ohio University in 1943 with bachelor's degrees in Music and English and four minors
  • Master Degree from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor's petroleum geology program, 
  • Second B.Sc. from the University of Tulsa
  • Geology,
  • Oceanography
Known forSeafloor topography
Parents NameFather's name- William Edgar Tharp, Mother's name-  Bertha Louise Tharp
  • Lamont–Doherty Earth
  • Observatory Columbia University

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Marie Tharp  Biography

Marie Tharp Biography: Marie Tharp is a popular name in the history of Science, she was a worldwide popular American geologist and oceanographic cartographer her time. She created the first scientific map of the Atlantic Ocean floor in partnership with Bruce Heezen, who was an American geologist too in those days.

Marie Tharp  Biography

Tharp's work revealed the detailed topography and multi-dimensional geographical landscape of the ocean bottom. If we talk about her most popular works then those are a more precise cartographic representation of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and her discovery of the rift valley along its axis, causing a paradigm shift in earth science that led to the acceptance of the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift.

On this day in 1998, the Library of Congress named Tharp one of the greatest cartographers of the 20th century. Marie Tharp was an only child born on July 30, 1920, in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Tharp’s father, who worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, gave her an early introduction to mapmaking. 

Google Doodle honored Marie Tharp

Google Doodle Honored her with Google Doodle on 21 Nov 2022.

Marie Tharp  Early life

Marie Tharp Early life: Marie Tharp was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan on July 30, 1920. She was the only child of her parents  Bertha Louise Tharp and William Edgar Tharp. Her mother Bertha Louise Tharp was a German and Latin teacher her father William Edgar Tharp was a soil surveyor for the United States Department of Agriculture.

Marie Tharp  Early life

She use to accompany her father in his work, and it was a time when she started learning mapmaking, in this, her father helped in her starting days. Despite this, she had no interest in pursuing a career in fieldwork as during that time this was understood to be men's work. 

Due to the nature of work of his father, her family had to move a lot of time to different places. and that's why she had to attend various schools to study in Alabama, Iowa, Michigan, and Indiana. It was also the reason she had no friends in her schools. Her mother was the only closest female acquaintance, who also died in her early teens when she was in her 15.

 A full school year in Florence, Alabama, was particularly influential for her. There, she attended a class called Current Science, in which she learned about contemporary scientists and the research projects they were working on. In addition, she got the chance to undertake school field trips on weekends to study trees and rocks

Educational qualifications

Let's now talk about her educational qualifications. As you may want to know about her educational qualifications too. After his retirement, William Tharp and the rest of the family moved to a farm in Bellefontaine, Ohio, where, shortly after, Marie graduated from high school.

Educational qualifications

Influenced with the aid of using her mother, a teacher, she took a 12 months off earlier than going to college; after graduating, she too deliberate to emerge as a teacher. Staying at the farm to assist after her mother`s dying in 1936, Marie later matriculated in college. Advised with the aid of using her father to pick out a topic of observe that she now no longer best loved, however additionally could offer her with a profession and economic security, Tharp graduated from Ohio University in 1943 with bachelor`s ranges in English and tune and 4 minors. 

After the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor many younger guys dropped out of colleges and universities to enroll in the armed forces. During World War II, extra girls had been recruited into professions like petroleum geology, usually limited to guys. Less than 4% of all earth sciences doctorates on the time had been acquired through girls.

Having taken a geology elegance at Ohio, Tharp become recruited to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor`s petroleum geology program, wherein she finished a master's degree.  Tharp took a activity on the Stanolind Oil organisation in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a junior geologist, however quickly observed it unsatisfying.

Women at that point had been now no longer allowed to head on subject journeys to search for oil and gas. Confined to the office, her responsibilities had been to accumulate the maps and records for the guys going withinside the subject. While nonetheless operating as a geologist for the Stanolind Oil organisation, Tharp enrolled withinside the school of arithmetic on the University of Tulsa, acquiring her 2nd BSc

Marie Tharp's salary and net worth 2022

There are a lot of people who are interested to know about the net worth of Marie Tharp but they don't get any updates about his net worth and monthly salary.

As she is no more with use so her net worth and salary-related info also not available now.

Career details of Marie Tharp

Career details of Marie Tharp:  By 1948, Tharp had spent 4 years in Tulsa and turned into seeking out her subsequent profession step. She moved to New York City and to start with sought paintings on the American Museum of Natural History, however after gaining knowledge of how time-ingesting paleontological studies turned into, she searched for positions at Columbia University.

Career details of Marie Tharp

She subsequently discovered drafting paintings with Maurice Ewing, the founding father of the Lamont Geological Observatory (now the Lamont–Doherty Earth Observatory). Curiously, whilst interviewed for the job, Tharp did now no longer point out she had a master`s diploma in geology. Tharp turned into one of the first ladies to paintings on the Lamont Geological Observatory.     

While there, she met Bruce Heezen, and in early paintings collectively they used photographic statistics to discover downed army plane from World War II. Eventually she labored for Heezen exclusively, plotting the sea floor.

Tharp turned into hired and constantly promoted from 1952 to 1968, whilst her role turned into reduce and moved to grant-funded repute because of lab politics regarding Heezen (she remained in a grant-funded role till Heezen's loss of life in 1977). Because of the Cold War, the U.S. authorities forbade seafloor maps to be published, for worry that Soviet submarines should use them.     

For the primary 18 years in their collaboration, Heezen gathered bathymetric statistics aboard the studies deliver Vema, even as Tharp drew maps from that statistics, when you consider that ladies have been barred from operating on ships on the time.

She turned into later capable of be a part of a 1968 statistics-series expedition. She independently used statistics gathered from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's studies deliver Atlantis, and seismographic statistics from undersea earthquakes. Her paintings with Heezen represented the primary systematic try to map the whole ocean floor.

As early because the mid-nineteenth century, a submarine mountain variety withinside the Atlantic were more or less mentioned with the aid of using John Murray and Johan Hjort. Marie Tharp additionally observed the rift valley on her greater specific graphical representations of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which have been primarily based totally on new size statistics acquired with the echo sounder. It took her a yr to persuade Bruce Heezen of this. Later, she additionally mapped the opposite mid-ocean ridges.

The theory of continental drift

Before the early 1950s, scientists knew little or no approximately the shape of the sea floor. Though analyzing geology on land changed into less expensive and easier, the general shape of the earth couldn't be understood without an understanding the shape and evolution of the seafloor.

The theory of continental drift

In 1952, Tharp painstakingly aligned sounding profiles from Atlantis received for the duration of 1946–1952, and one profile from the Naval deliver Stewart received for the duration of 1921. She created a complete of about six profiles stretching west to east throughout the North Atlantic. From those profiles, she changed into being capable of look at the bathymetry of the northern sections of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Tharp diagnosed an aligned, v-formed shape walking constantly thru the axis of the ridge and believed that it could be a rift valley. She believed that the rift valley was fashioned with the aid of using the oceanic floor being pulled apart.

Heezen changed into to begin with unconvinced because the concept could have supported continental waft, then a arguable theory. At the time many scientists inclusive of Heezen believed that continental waft changed impossible. Instead, for a time, he desired the increasing Earth speculation, (now infamously) brushing off her clarification as "female talk".

Heezen quickly employed Howard Foster to devise the place of earthquake epicenters withinside the oceans for a challenge bearing on large-scale turbidity currents to undersea earthquakes.

The advent of this earthquake epicenter map proved to be a beneficial secondary dataset for analyzing the bathymetry of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. When Foster`s map of earthquake epicenters changed into overlain with Tharp's profile of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge it have become clear that the place of those earthquakes aligned with Tharp's rift valley.

After placing collectively those datasets, Tharp has become satisfied that a rift valley did in reality exist in the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It changed into simplest after because the place of earthquake epicenters aligned with Tharp's rift valley that Heezen popular her speculation and became to the opportunity theories of plate tectonics and continental waft.

Tharp and Heezen posted their first physiographic map of the North Atlantic in 1957. Still, Tharp`s call does now no longer seem on any of the primary papers on plate tectonics that Heezen and others posted between 1959 and 1963.

Tharp persisted in operating with graduate scholar assistants to similarly map the volume of the critical rift valley. Tharp diagnosed that the rift valley prolonged together with the Mid-Atlantic Ridge into the South Atlantic, and located a comparable valley shape withinside the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, and Gulf of Aden, suggesting the presence of a international oceanic rift zone.

Subsequently, in collaboration with the Austrian panorama painter Heinrich Berann, Tharp and Heezen found out their map of the whole ocean floor, which became posted in 1977 through National Geographic beneath neath the identify of The World Ocean Floor.

Although later diagnosed and attributed to her paintings nowadays at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, it became Heezen, who on the time in 1956, positioned out and obtained credit score for the invention that became made.

Personal life

There are a lot of people who want to know about her personal life her family members, and more. As mentioned above she was the only child of  Bertha Louise Tharp (mother) and William Edgar Thar (father). 

If we talk about her husband then she was married to David Flanagan and moved with him to New York. They were divorced by 1952.

Cause of death

Tharp died of cancer in Nyack, New York, on August 23, 2006, at the age of 86.

Awards and Achievements

As per Wikipedia, after Heezen's death, she continued serving on the faculty of Columbia University until 1983, after which she operated a map-distribution business in South Nyack during her retirement.

Awards and Achievements

  •  Tharp donated her map collection and notes to the Map and Geography Division of the Library of Congress in 1995.
  • In 1997, Tharp received double honors from the Library of Congress, which named her one of the four greatest cartographers of the 20th century and included her work in an exhibit in the 100th-anniversary celebration of its Geography and Map Division.
  • In 2001, Tharp was awarded the first annual Lamont–Doherty Heritage Award at her home institution for her life's work as a pioneer of oceanography.
  • 2001 - Lamont–Doherty Earth Observatory Heritage Award
  • 1999 - Woods Holes Oceanographic Institution’s Mary Sears Woman Pioneer in Oceanography Award
  • 1996 - Society of Woman Geographers Outstanding Achievement Award
  • 1978 - National Geographic Society’s Hubbard Medal


Tharp was recognized in 1997 by the Library of Congress as one of the four greatest cartographers of the 20th century.[29] The position of Marie Tharp Lamont Research Professor was created in her honor.

Marie Tharp Fellowship

Created with the aid of using Lamont in 2004, the Marie Tharp Fellowship is a competitive educational visiting fellowship offered to ladies to work with researchers at Columbia University`s Earth Institute.

Women who're time-honored are given the possibility to work with faculty, studies staff, postdoctoral researchers and graduate college students and withinside the length of three months, they're offered up to $30,000 as economic aid.

Facts about Marie Tharp

Facts about Marie Tharp:

Facts about Marie Tharp

Let's talk about the facts about Marie Tharp now.

  1. Marie Tharp was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan on July 30, 1920.
  2. She was 86 when she died in 2006 on Aug 23.
  3. She was an American Citizen.
  4. She was recruited to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor's petroleum geology program, where she completed a master's degree.
  5. Tharp was one of the first women to work at the Lamont Geological Observatory. 
  6. Her work with Heezen represented the first systematic attempt to map the entire ocean floor. 

FAQs about Marie Tharp

Although I tried to cover everything about her in this post, there may be many things that could not be mentioned in this post. If you think something is missing, then let me know I will update that here. 

FAQs about Marie Tharp

Here I am sharing the top most frequently asked questions and their answers below.

1. Who is Marie Tharp?

Ans. She was a popular American geologist and oceanographic cartographer who, in partnership with Bruce Heezen, created the first scientific map of the Atlantic Ocean floor. 

2. Where was Marie Tharp born?

Ans. She was born on July 30, 1920, in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

3. What are the educational qualifications of Marie Tharp?


  • Graduated from Ohio University in 1943 with bachelor's degrees in Music and English and four minors
  • Master Degree from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor's petroleum geology program, 
  • Second B.Sc. from the University of Tulsa.

4. What is the nationality of Marie Tharp?

Ans. She is an American.

5. is Marie Tharp married?

Ans. Yes, She is married to David Flanagan.

6. Marie Tharp  Wikipedia?

Ans. You can check out his profile on Wikipediatoo.

7. Did Marie Tharp have siblings?

Ans. No, she was the only child of her parents.


Here I tried to share everything about Marie Tharp like his biography, net worth, political career, family details, age, birthplace, and more. There may be something that is missing in this post. If you think something is missing then let me know I will update that too in this post.

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