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Are you a fan of Pritam Nagrale and want to know about him more. Don't worry here I will share all about him. Pritam Nagrale is in the top 10 digital marketers in India, who is doing great in digital marketing and earning a lot of money out of that.

He also loves to share his knowledge and experience with people.

Here I am going to share Pritam Nagrale's Biography, blogs, his net worth 2022, Wikipedia page, Age, income and salary per month, digital marketing courses, social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Family details, Affiliate Junction, Contact details, and more.

All about Pritam Nagrale
All about Pritam Nagrale

You can learn lot of digital marketing lessons for free through his YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram also. He keep on sharing his valuable lessons on all these platforms.

Quick info about Pritam Nagrale 

Here are the quick info about Pritam Nagrale like his Name, Nick Name, DOB, Hobbies, Religion, Marital Status, Salary or Income, Blogs and Net worth.

Quick info about Pritam Nagrale
Quick info about Pritam Nagrale

Check out all the quick info about Pritam below.

NamePritam Nagrale
Nick NamePritam
Date of Birth and age21 August, About 43 Years old as of 2022
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra
Current AddressMumbai Maharashtra
HobbiesReading, Sharing Knowledge with the people.
Marital StatusMarried
Educational QualificationHe did Engineering from Laxminarayan Institute of Technology Nagpur, in 2001.
Salary / IncomeMore than 3-4 Lakh Per month and
Net WorthMore than 20 Cr.

Pritam Nagrale's Biography | About Pritam Nagrale

Curious to know about Pritam Nagrale, but not getting any info about him, don't worry check out here.

Pritam Nagrale is a well-known Digital Marketer, who did his engineering from Laxminarayan Institute of Technology Nagpur in 2001. He shares his knowledge through his Instagram page and YouTube channel. He has two websites Surejob and Moneyconnexion

He has earned crores of rupees from his websites. He is mostly famous for his blogs, And his way of earning through both websites.

Pritam Nagrale Biography
Pritam Nagrale Biography

He has shared his success story on his websites as well. Also shared his earning details from these websites.

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How Pritam Nagrale came into earning money online | Blogging Journey of Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale started earning money online in 2004. In 2004, he started work on eBay, CJ  ( Commission Junction ), Click Bank, Surveys, PTC, and many other things just leaving to Adsense. He tried these things till 2007.

Then he found Google Adsense for earning money online. Then he started a tech blog,, but due to lack of content writing knowledge and interest in this topic, it got failed. 

Blogging Journey of Pritam Nagrale
Blogging Journey of Pritam Nagrale

Then he started another website, but it also did not work as per his expectation and failed.

Then he started another blog, got some success with this blog but Google panelized it, and then he started doing research about the blogging. What he can do to become a successful blogger.

And finally, he started his two most popular blogs, and Till now he has made more than 2 million US Doller from blogging. He gets more than 2 million monthly visitors on Moneyconnexion.

How Long it has been to Pritam Nagrale for doing blogging?

Pritam Nagrale started his blogging journey in 2009. When there were very few people out there in the market who were aware of blogging or ways to earn money online through the internet.

How Long it has been to Pritam Nagrale for doing blogging?
How Long it has been to Pritam Nagrale for doing blogging?

Today he has the two most popular blogging websites. and, which he started in 2012.

In the starting, he uses to do affiliate marketing. but by his failure and experience, he started blogging as well. In the starting, he worked on a govt jobs portal as well. But he closed that website as that website was taking a lot of his time.

So due to managing problems with that website he closed that one. Today is running a Digital Marketing Agency as well name Dmatic Digital.

Pritam Nagrale's Blogs

Here are the two most popular blog websites of Pritam Nagrale. Those are and You can read all his blogs there about Earning money online.

There he has shared all his blogs about, how to earn money online in 2022. 

Pritam Nagrale Blogs
Pritam Nagrale Blogs

Here are blogs details below.


Here some key factors about Surejob.

Starting of blog date2012
Blog He shares posts related to Digital Marketing, Online Money Making ideas, Education and Career.
Alexa Rank Global43.7k
Domain Authority41/100 as of 19th, Jun 2021
Monthly RevenueMore than $25000 or 15Lakh/month
FounderPritam Nagrale


Here are some key factors about Moneyconnexion.

Blog starting year2012
Blog contentBlogs on online money making, 
Alex Rank33.3k
Domain Authority or DA14/100
Page Authority49/100
FounderPritam Nagrale

These are some of the key points about I hope, these will give you an idea about his blogs and earning from them.

Pritam Nagrale's Net Worth 2022

If I talk about the Net Worth of Pritam Nagrale in 2022 then he owns more than Rs. 20 Cr. Assets. He earned more than 2 Million US dollars from blogging only. His Youtube and affiliate earning is not part of this earning.

His net worth is consistently growing as his userbase on all the platforms where he shares his knowledge like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.

Pritam Nagrale Net Worth 2022
Pritam Nagrale Net Worth 2022

Pritam Nagrale's Monthly Income 2022 | Pritam Nagrale's Monthly Salary

If I talk about his monthly income or salary then it is above 6 Lakhs in 2022. Although it's hard to say because he earns from various sources. Today earns from YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, his Digital Marketing Institute ( DmaticDigital ), and many other ways.

Pritam Nagrale Income 2022 | Pritam Nagrale Salary
Pritam Nagrale Income 2022 | Pritam Nagrale Salary

So it can be above this too. If he himself will share about his net worth then I will share that here.

Pritam Nagrale's Date of Birth | Pritam Nagrale's Age

He celebrates his birthday on 18 August. As of 2022, He is about 43 years old.

Pritam Nagrale's Family

Here are some family photos of Pritam Nagrale. Pritam Nagrale enjoying himself with his wife and children in the below photos.

Pritam Nagrale Family Photo
Pritam Nagrale Family Photo - 1

Pritam Nagrale Family Photo - 2
Pritam Nagrale Family Photo -2

What are the 3P's of Pritam Nagrale's Success?

Want to know the secrets of his success. He says that these are the 3P's of his success. 

3P's of Pritam Nagrale's Success
3P's of Pritam Nagrale's Success

Those are following.

1. Passion

Your passion is what help you get success, when you are not getting anything out of work, but you don't lose hope and keep on working.

2. Persistence

Persistence is something the tells you to work until you don't get your desired result. Even after multiple failures.

3. Patience

Patience is something that tells you to wait and work until things don't start working.

These are the 3P's of Pritam Nagrale.

Pritam Nagrale's Contact Number | Mobile Number of Pritam Nagrale

Mobile Number: 093720 86939.

Here I am going to share the Mobile number of Pritam Nagrale, You can contact him on 093720 86939. 

Pritam Nagrale's Email


Anybody who wants to contact Pritam Nagrale can contact him on his DmaticDigital's Email: "".

Pritam Nagrale Wikipedia

Pritam Nagrale Wikipedia
Pritam Nagrale Wikipedia

Currently, there is not any written post or article on Wikipedia about Pritam Nagrale. Which I can share here for reference, If in the future any post will be published about him on Wikipedia, then you can find that post link.

Pritam Nagrale's Digital Marketing Courses | Pritam Nagrale's Blogging Courses

Pritam Nagrale provides Digital Marketing services also. He provides Affiliate and blogging courses there, anybody who wants to learn from him can contact him through his website

Digital Marketing Course Modules
Digital Marketing Course Modules

Here I am not promoting Pritam Nagrale or referring you to join his digital marketing courses. Anybody who is interested in blogging or digital marketing courses must read the review about him online then take your own decision.

Pritam Nagrale Affiliate Junction

Pritam Nagrale Affiliate Junction
Pritam Nagrale Affiliate Junction

Affiliate Junction is the training program by Pritam Nagrale, In which he shares his blogging and affiliate marketing knowledge and experience. Anybody who wants to know about his Affiliate Junction program can know more here.


Pritam Nagrale Instagram

Pritam Nagrale is active on most of the social media platfroms, Here I am sharing his Instagram Page details. 

Pritam Nagrale Instagram
Pritam Nagrale Instagram

Pritam Nagrale is active on Instagram, He uses Instagram to share Digital Marketing updates, Infographics, Tips, and Tricks. You can follow him on Instagram.

Pritam Nagral Youtube

He is most frequently shares videos on YouTube. You can watch him on YouTube through the below link. Here I am giving the link to his YouTube channel.

Watch on Youtube

Pritam Nagrale's Car

Here are some of the BMW car photos below.

Pritam Nagrale washing his Car
Pritam Nagrale washing his Car

Pritam Nagrale Car Photo -2
Pritam Nagrale Car Photo -2

Pritam Nagrale Car Photo -3
Pritam Nagrale Car Photo -3


Here I tried to cover everything related to Pritam Nagrale like his biography, blogs, net worth 2022 , salary/income, age, current residence and so on, but the can be many other things which could be added to this biography, so don't worry I will add more details to this soon, let me know if something has left to include in this post.

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