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All about Sonu Sharma (Motivational Speaker)

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Quick info about Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma is one of the best motivational speakers, here is the quick info about him.

Quick info about Sonu Sharma

Here I am sharing the important info about Sonu Sharma like his real name, nickname, dob, age, birthplace, parents, height, educational qualifications, profession, native language, salary or income per month, net worth and more,  in the below table. Let's check out all now.

Real NameSonu Sharma
Nick NameSonu
Date of Birth11 Nov 1981
AgeAbout 41 years old as of 2022
BirthplaceFaridabad, Haryana
ParentsFather - A Govt. Employee, Mother- Housewife
Father NameKrishna Sharma
Height5' 6"  or 5 foot 7 inches or 172 cm
Educational QualificationChartered Accountant
ProfessionInspirational Speaker, Business Consultant, Author, and Youtuber
Language KnownHindi, English, Haryanvi
Salary / IncomeAbout 50 Lakhs
Net WorthAbout 150 Cr.

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Sonu Sharma Biography | Who is Sonu Sharma?

Check out Sonu Sharma Biography here. Sonu Sharma is one of the most successful business coaches, business consultants, authors, educators, and motivational speakers.

Sonu Sharma Biography | Who is Sonu Sharma?

He is the founder of  DYNAMIC INDIA GROUP (INDIA). He is the youngest motivational and inspirational speaker in India who inspires people to realize their true potential.

Sonu Sharma was born in Faridabad, Haryana, India in 1981. He did his schooling at Dayanand Public School, Faridabad, and graduated from DAV College, Chandigarh. He is a very fitness freak and loves to keep himself healthy all the time. 

Sonu Sharma Biography

Sonu Sharma is the most successful business coach, business consultant, author, educator, and motivational speaker, He started his journey as a salesperson, for MLM company.

He has worked for Naswiz Retails (P) Ltd, where he has been the brand ambassador and highest earner. 

He is the most creative motivational speaker and tries different sense of humor tricks to laugh the people. His way of speaking is different and unique. He is a master in influencing people with his storytelling way.

Today is run a YouTube channel under his name Sonu Sharma. which has 7.49M subscribers and 530,411,725 views as of 28 July 2021.

Sonu Sharma's Family details

Sonu Sharma has a very beautiful family, There are six members ( His mother, father, wife, and two children ) in his family. Sonu Sharma is married to Swati Sharma, from Bhubaneswar.

Sonu Sharma Family details

Sonu Sharma with his father

Sonu Sharma with his father

He has two children. He gives importance to his family too. In today's busy life most people forget to have balance in work and life but he tries his best to maintain this balance and can be seen enjoying and spending time with his family members.

Sonu Sharma's Social Media presence

Sonu Sharma is the most active personality over the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Sonu Sharma on Facebook

Sonu Sharma is active on Facebook, follow him here.

Sonu Sharma on Youtube

Watch Sonu Sharma on Youtube here.

Sonu Sharma on Instagram

Follow him on Instagram here.

Sonu Sharma's Net worth in rupees 2022

Looking for the net worth in rupees 2022 of Sonu Sharma but not getting the right info, don't worry here I will share all the net worth-related info here.

Sonu Sharma Net worth in Rupees 2022

Sonu Sharma earns more than 50 lakh rupees per month through various sources, like his Youtube Channel, Business Events, Seminars, motivational events, and so on.

Today his net worth is above Rs. 150 Cr. as of 2022 and that is continuously growing every year.

Books by Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma is not only the best MLM leader in India, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and businessman but he is also a good writer and author. He has written a book named ' Prerit Karne ke mission par',

You can buy this book on Amazon through the below link, If you buy from this link I can get some amount as a commission. 

Want to read this book purchase now on Amazon.

20+ Motivational and inspiring quotes and the status of Sonu Sharma for 2022

Check out all the famous motivational quotes and status about Sonu Sharma here. Sonu Sharma is a big name today in the MLM industry and almost everyone knows him, who is in the MLM industry.

Here are 20+ motivational and inspiring quotes and the status of Sonu Sharma for 2022.

1. The men who lives with the mind is not a seeker, the men who live with determination is a seeker.

Motivational thoughts of Sonu Sharma

Sonu Sharma believes that a person who lives with a mind is not a seeker, anybody can his mind for that, but there are few people who live with determination, those are the actual seekers.

2. If you are feeling sluggish, then take a 500, 2000 rupee note and cut it into 20 pieces. Next time you will think twice before you feel sleepy.

3. Human beings always earn equal to their status.

4. Making money and handling them are both different things.

Making money and handling them are both different things

5. The human being should never forget his status and past, he is always successful in life.

6. Good habits have to be developed .. Evil habits are formed on their own.

7. Human growth is never without goal setting.

8. Your income can never jump beyond your personality.

9. All the things of communication are for your service, you should not be their dependents.

10. The one who does not have a goal revolves around his life.

11. Each kite has to go to the waste can one day. But one day before that one has to touch the sky.

12. People who do not have goals do not…. Their lives are round.

13. Human beings do not lose because of doubt, They lose based on their ability to make decisions.

14. Earning money is not important, how a man should be to earn money… it is important to be a man.

15. As per Sonu Sharma, The stage of your coming few years will determine your stage today.

16. You cannot earn more money by increasing your time, you can earn more money by increasing your value.

17. You cannot create your own future… you can only create your own values ​​and that makes your future.

18. Success comes from doing those things which one does not feel like doing.

19. To get anything, one must first have a reason to get it.

20. Nobody does anything for anyone, whatever he does, he reads to do it for himself.

21. People think that there will be various difficult ways to earn money. No… No… Dude! Nothing difficult happens…. If you keep going on easy and easy roads… and continuously, then money starts coming.

22. You do not have to stop before reaching the place where you want to reach.

23. A human cannot do good until a person decides.

24. Many people kick us like a football, but they don't know that they are sending us near our goals. -Sonu Sharma

Many people kick us like a football --Sonu Sharma

FAQs About Sonu Sharma ( Naswiz and Dynamic India Group )

Sonu Shama is the most popular businessman, motivational speaker, author, writer, business consultant, and more. And that's the reason a lot of people want o know about him.

FAQs About Sonu Sharma

Here I will share the answer to all the most frequently asked questions.

1. Who is Sonu Sharma?

Ans. Sonu Sharma is the most successful Businessman, Motivational Speaker, Author, Writer, Business Consultant, and YouTuber. He became popular through YouTube, where he shares motivational business, MLM, and many different life videos to inspire people to do better in their life.

2. Where does Sonu Sharma lives?

Ans. Sonu Sharma was born in Faridabad, Haryana, and lives with his family ( parents, two children, and his wife ) there.

3. How much does Sonu Sharma earn?

Ans. Sonu Sharma earns about Rs. 55 lakhs per month.

4. Is Sonu Sharma a CA?

Ans. Sonu Sharma was a chartered accountant or CA before entering into the MLM field.

5. Which company does Sonu Sharma works for?

Ans. Sonu Sharma works for the Naswiz Retails Pvt. Ltd., He is the founder of Dynamic India Group.

6. How did Sonu Sharma become rich?

Ans. He is the most hard-working MLM leader, Motivational Speaker, Businessman, Business Consultant, and Youtuber today. If I talk about the secret of his success then that is his dedication to his work, which you can see in his work, speaking.

Sonu Sharma earns lakhs of rupees from Youtube, Business Seminars, and Motivational events.

7. How can I join the Sonu Sharma team?

Ans. For joining the team you can reach him through his official website.

8. Does Sonu Sharma has children?

Ans. Yes, He has two daughters.

9. What is the name of Sonu Sharma's Wife?

Ans. Swati Sharma.

10. Is Sonu Sharma from Haryana?

Ans. Yes, he is from Faridabad, Haryana.


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