E3 Gaming Expo cancelled

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, has been canceled once again. The event was scheduled to take place from June 13 to June 16 in Los Angeles, marking the first time it would be held in person since 2019. The decision to cancel was made by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and show organizer ReedPop due to COVID-19 concerns.

E3 Gaming Expo canceled

E3 has been a fixture in the video game industry since 1995, with fans referring to it as "video game Christmas." It's where publishers and console manufacturers announce their upcoming titles and showcase their latest technology. In the past, consoles such as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U have been announced at the event.

The cancellation of E3 2023 leaves the gaming industry without a dominant focal point for marketing new titles. Since the pandemic, there has been a trend towards live-streamed shows where publishers announce and showcase their new titles virtually. Some of the biggest names in gaming, including Nintendo, PlayStation, and Ubisoft, had already announced that they would not be participating in E3 in any capacity. Microsoft had planned to co-stream its Xbox Games Showcase as part of E3 Digital.

According to an internal memo obtained by IGN, the decision to cancel E3 was made because the event "simply did not garner the sustained interest necessary to execute it in a way that would showcase the size, strength, and impact of our industry." While E3 remains a beloved event, it seems that the pandemic has caused a shift in the way the gaming industry markets and showcases their new titles.

Despite the disappointment felt by many fans and industry professionals, the decision to cancel E3 2023 was ultimately made with the best interests of the industry in mind. As Kyle Marsden-Kish, ReedPop's global VP of gaming, stated, "we had to do what’s right for the industry and what’s right for E3." It remains to be seen how the gaming industry will continue to adapt and evolve in the wake of the pandemic, but one thing is certain: the show must go on, whether it's in-person or virtually.

Published by: Global News Land Updated: Apr 01, 2023, 4:50am

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