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Top 10 Free Business Listing Websites in India 2022

Top 10 Free Business Listing Websites in India 2022: Looking for some of the best websites to list your business, but don't know where to list your business to grow your business and audience, then you are at the right place.

Top 10 Free Online Business Listing Websites in India

Today I am going to share the top 10 such websites where you can list your business to grow your business and if you own a website then you can leave the URL of your website there, which will help your website to rank better on Google and other search engines.

Also, check out the top event listing websites.

As backlink plays a very important role in ranking today. The more authentic backlinks your website have the better it will rank in search result. Before we talk about the business listing websites let's talk about the importance of business listing first.

Why should you list your business on business listing sites?

As you may know, Google algorithms read the backlinks of every website before ranking that website in Google search results. But how do backlinks work? Google has millions of websites in its database. This helps Google to cross-check the authenticity and trust score of that website.

Google uses AI, to better understand user experience about a particular website. Like if your website is mentioned on a forum website, then Google can read that. If your website is getting backlinks from a big website or brand or news website then Google can give you weightage.

Here are some of the top reasons which you can consider for listing your business on various top websites:

  1. You will get a diversified audience from different websites for free.
  2. Your brand will grow.
  3. Your trust score will grow, the more websites will talk about you, more the people will start trusting you.
  4. Your website domain and page authority will boost.
  5. You will get more customers as the business-listed websites will grow with time.

Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India

Here are the Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India.

S.NOBusiness Listing SitesDAPAMoz Rank



Let's now talk about all the top websites one by one and also the procedure to list your business.


When it comes to listing your business on any online platform then one thing which is very important to know, and this how well that website rank for its existing listings. So in this list, I consider BizAdda360.com as one of the best choices in the above lists.

If you list your business at BizAdda360.com then your listing will be there at the top of the search query of search engines like Google or Bing.

Why should you list your business on BizAdda360.com?

This is the first and most important question which may come into your mind while planning to list your business online. So let me answer this question. BizAdda360.com is one of the top websites in the business segment. 

It not only have the option to list business online but also has a huge audience for every type of business. If you list your business there then you will get many benefits, which you will not get in any other top listing websites for free.

Here are some of the top benefits to list your business at BizAdda360.com:

  • Your profile will get featured on the homepage of the website, which will increase your brand awareness for free.
  • You can do multiple things with a single account like you can sell your business, list events, find investors, find business partners, list business, and many other things.
  • Your listing will be promoted in different sections of the website like in the event section, business for sale section, and business listings section and not only that but your business listing can also be featured on the homepage of the website too.
  • BizAdda360.com is a reputed website and Google takes it as a quality website and that's the reason your listings will be at the top of the search query Google.
  • You will get business leads for free for your business, any customer can send you a query using bizadda360, or can mail you, or can call you too.
  • You can list multiple businesses using a single account. If you have more than one business then you can list all your business by a single account.
  • You can link your YouTube video there.
  • You can share the keywords about your business.
  • And many more.

How to list your business on BizAdda360.com?

Now you may be thinking, about how to list your business at BizAdda360.com, but don't know how to do that. Listing your business at BizAdda360 is very easy. Just follow the below steps for that.

  • First create your account by clicking the Signup button, which you can get on top of the right corner.
  • Once you create your account, you will get an email to verify your email in your inbox. 
  • Once you verify your email, now click on the list business button. 
  • Fill in all the business details there like your name, your business name, contact details, address, images, and more.
  • Once you fill up all the details about your business, click on Publish button, and that's it your business will be live within a few minutes.

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