21 Fun Facts About Entrepreneurship that will surprise you

If are you one of those who want to be an entrepreneur or love to learn new things about business, then you are at the right place, as here you will find some interesting things about entrepreneurship.

21 Fun Facts About Entrepreneurship
21 Fun Facts About Entrepreneurship

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If you want to be an entrepreneur then these facts will definitely make you more confident.  Let's now talk about them one by one.

  1. There are 7 Women Entrepreneurs for Every 10 Male Entrepreneurs Starting a Business
  2. Total Employment by Women-Owned Businesses Rose by 21%
  3. Around 20% of Small Businesses Fail in Their First Year
  4. 97% of Self-Employed People Don’t Plan on Returning to Traditional Work
  5. 28% of Small Businesses Have 1-5 Employees
  6. 71% of Generation Z Business-Owning Entrepreneurs are Men
  7. 59% of Entrepreneurs Who Applied for a Loan Did So to Expand
  8. The US is the Best Place for Entrepreneurs
  9. 88% of Millionaires in the US are Self-Made Entrepreneurs 
  10. 60% of People That Start Small Businesses are Aged Between 40 and 60
  11. The Biggest Motivation for Entrepreneurs is Being Their Own Boss
  12. There are 582 Million Entrepreneurs Around the World
  13. Middle-Aged Men are the Most Successful
  14. 54% of Small Business Owners Say Communication’s the Most Essential Skill for Success
  15. Small Business Proprietor’s Incomes Have Increased by 15%
  16.  20% of Women-Owned Businesses are Owned by African American Women
  17. Asian People are 51% More Likely to be Business Owners
  18. 12.3 Million Women own Their own Businesses in the US
  19. 41% of Small Business Owners are Republican
  20. More Than 65% of American Entrepreneurs Believe They Can Start Their Own Business
  21. The Internet is the Most Significant Source of Advice for Entrepreneurs

Source: findstack.com

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