Google Primer: What is it?  FAQs About Google Primer 2022

Curious to learn about Google Primer, want to know about Google Primer, but not getting any info about Google Primer. Don't worry, I will share all the details about Google Primer 2022.

Google Primer
Google Primer

Like what is Google Primer? and why it was launched? or what is the motive behind the Google Primer App

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Quick info about Google Primer

There are some of the most important things about Google Primer, that I am going to share here. You can find out all the important short info in the below table. Let's check out that fast now.

App NameGoogle Primer
Release Date15 September 2015
First Launched in which country?United States
Where is it availableGoogle Play Store, iOS App Store, Window App Store
Is Google Primer FreeYes
Google Primer Website

Who Publish contentGoogle Partners like Professionals, digital marketers, etc.

There are some of the important things which I mentioned here. Want to know more about Google Primer, check out the complete post below.

What is Google Primer?

Google Primer is Edutech App, which can be downloaded from App stores like Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

What is Google Primer?
What is Google Primer?

Google Primer is a free to use App, which can be used over your smartphones easily.

Why Google launched Google Primer?

Google launched its Primer App to teach Digital Marketing and Business skills for free to all the students, small and medium business owners, startups, and job seekers using 5-minute interactive lessons.

Why Google launched Google Primer?
Why Google launched Google Primer?

It is part of Google's Grow with Google, and Digital Unlocked initiative.

Google Primer was first launched in the United States on September 15, 2015. and is now available in Canada, Latin America, Indonesia, India,  and Australia.

On May 17, 2018, Google Primer underwent a redesign to make it more accessible to all users and to provide new lesson content on accessibility. Google Primer is a partner with the top Digital Marketers and professionals to create content for Google Primer.

FAQs About Google Primer 2022

Google Primer is one of the most popular Apps of Google. But there are many people out there, who don't know about Google Primer, and if they know, they have some questions in their mind about Google Primer. 

FAQs About Google Primer
FAQs About Google Primer

Here I will try to answer all those questions, which people most frequently ask about Google Primer.

1. Is Google Primer free?

Ans. This is also one of those questions, about Google Primer, People think, just like most of the other Edutech apps Google Primer is also a paid App. Which may be charing from its users.

But I want to make it clear here about Google Primer that it is a Free to learn App. Where you can learn a lot of skills in business and digital marketing.

2. Who publishes the content on Google Primer?

Ans. Google Primer has a partnership with the top Digital marketers and business professionals for creating high-quality content over Google Primer.


Here I tried to share everything useful related to Google Primer 2022, if you have some more questions about Google Primer, then let me know I will add those to this post too.

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