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Event Category:Virtual Event
Event Type:Startup
Starting Date:Aug 18, 2023 (Fri)
Last Date:Aug 18, 2023 (Fri)
Event Status:Live
Organized By:Finovista
Event Add:1st Floor, A 85, 4, Road No. 6, Mahipalpur Extension, Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110037
City:New Delhi
Event link: https://finovista.com/cook-clean-pitch-green

Investor Pitch and Connect 2023

Investor Pitch and Connect 2023

Finovista, the Indian In-Country Partner of the Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) Programme, has launched a groundbreaking global platform, Investor Pitching & Connect in Clean Cooking 2023. This pioneering initiative aims to establish a transformative platform that bridges the divide between investors and trailblazing innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of clean cooking. Its ultimate mission is to unlock private finance opportunities and facilitate seamless access to funding for these visionary ventures.

The programme is dedicated to creating a supportive ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs, enabling them to access finance through robust networks, personalized mentorship, and strategic market connections. It also strives to bolster the capabilities of impact investors, private investors, and financial institutions by equipping them with tailored technical assistance and comprehensive knowledge about the clean cooking sector. This would empower stakeholders to make informed decisions that could have far-reaching benefits for society, economy and environment.

Moreover, this programme is expected to serves as a pivotal starting point in building a sustainable pipeline of both solution companies and investors in the long run. Consequently, India has the potential to emerge as a global hub for clean cooking device solutions, with businesses evolving into solution suppliers for other countries. Notably, the programme welcomes participation from all nationalities worldwide through its virtual platform.

FAQs about Event

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FAQs about Event

What is the starting date of the event?

Event will start from Aug 18, 2023.

What is the last date of the event?

Event will end on Aug 18, 2023.

What is the address of the event?

1st Floor, A 85, 4, Road No. 6, Mahipalpur Extension, Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110037.

What is the event website?

You can check out more info about the event at https://finovista.com/cook-clean-pitch-green.

Event organizing country?


State Name of the event organizer?


City Name of the event organizer?

New Delhi.

What is the area pin code of the event?

Area pin code for the event is 110037 .

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