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Important info about the event

Here are all the important info about Learn Astrology Predicting Through Bhrigu Nandi Nadi(Basic To Ad).

Event Category:Conference
Event Type:Education and Training
Starting Date:Nov 27, 2022 (Sun)
Last Date:Jul 27, 2023 (Thu)
Event Status:Live
Organized By:Saptarishis Astrology
Venue:Saptrishis asgtrology
Event Add:NOIDA
State:Uttar Pradesh
Event link: https://saptarishisshop.com/in/p/Predicting-Through-Bhrigu-Nandi-Nadi-Decoding-Rishis-Predictions-Kashyap-Hora-Nadi-Prashna-System/9515

Learn Astrology Predicting Through Bhrigu Nandi Nadi(Basic To Ad)

Learn Astrology Predicting Through Bhrigu Nandi Nadi(Basic To Ad)

Predicting Through Bhrigu Nandi Nadi - Decoding Rishis Predictions


 Sunil John & Vinayak Bhatt

Start Date:

 27 Nov 2022 


 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM (Every Sunday)

Course Duration:

 8 Months

1 Year Recording Access of This Course (No Need to worry if You Miss any Classes)

You will get the certificate after the completion of this course.

Bonus Course:

 Kashyap Hora - Nadi Prashna System

Module 1: Bhrigu Nandi Nadi

  • Introduction to Bhrigu Nadi
  • Significance of 12 houses
  • Significance of 12 zodiac sign
  • Significance of Planets
  • Friends & Enmity of planets
  • Yoga formed by Planets
  • Education
  • Career /Finance
  • Bhagyodaya
  • Marriage
  • Progeny/Child Birth
  • Travel
  • Property/Vehicle
  • Other events of life

After completion of Module 1:

  • A student will be able to understand the concept of Bhrigu Nandi Nadi.
  • A student will be able to understand Karkatwas of Planets, zodiac signs & houses.
  • He/she will be able to tell how will be the education/Career, break in education/Career and a good time for education/Career and change in education/Career.
  • He/she will be able to Predict about Marriage related query.
  • He/she will be able to predict about Progeny/Childbirth, Travel, Property & Vehicles.
  • Will be able to know about Bhagyodaya.

Module 2: HORARY ASTROLOGY (PRASHNA) - Kashyap Hora - Nadi Prashna System:

There are some questions that cannot be answered using Individual’s chart, for example, Going to a particular place will be beneficial for me or not? So these types of questions can be only answered through Prashna.

Learn to answer user’s specific questions related to Education, Finance, Career, Marriage, Health, Lost things, Desires fulfillment, children, missing person, etc. using Numbers.

After completion of Module 2:

  • A student will be able to answer individual specific questions.
  • He/ she can also answer questions without knowing the individual’s date of birth.
  • Course Material - Bhrigu Nandi Nadi By RG Rao as Text Book and Other notes will be provided to all students.

FAQs about Event

Let's now talk about some of the most frequently asked questions about Event. These questions are based on need of users.

FAQs about Event

What is the starting date of the event?

Event will start from Nov 27, 2022.

What is the last date of the event?

Event will end on Jul 27, 2023.

What is the address of the event?


What is the event website?

You can check out more info about the event at https://saptarishisshop.com/in/p/Predicting-Through-Bhrigu-Nandi-Nadi-Decoding-Rishis-Predictions-Kashyap-Hora-Nadi-Prashna-System/9515.

Event organizing country?


State Name of the event organizer?

Uttar Pradesh.

What is the area pin code of the event?

Area pin code for the event is 201301 .

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