Gautam Singh's (BizAdda360.com founder) story

I am the man behind BizAdda360.com, who founded it to help those who want to learn about business, and also those who want to teach anything about business. I want to build an eco-system for all those, who are from a non-business background and want to learn anything or everything about the business.

Gautam Singh's (BizAdda360.com founder) story

If you are a business enthusiast and want to learn a-z of business then you will find useful blogs, videos, infographics, tools, and much more to learn about business. And at the same time if you are a business expert and want to teach others about business, and whatever you know, you can do that too.

Why did I start BizAdda360.com?

It was 2015 when I came to Ghaziabad for the job, I even got the job after 1 or 2 rejections. And the company was a call center of Naaptol. I did the job there for about 6 months. It was the job that I did not like but just explore this type of business I joined but within 2-3 months I was fed up with my job, but because I had no money to survive there in Ghaziabad, so I continued it for about  6 months.

And then the day come when I said no to the job and planned to start my own business, but because I had not much money still so I discussed one of my friends who also quit my job with me about that, then he also said yes to start something own.

But I came to a farmer's family in a small village of Bijnor, so I did know nothing about business. Now we have quit our job and we not much time to think over that. So we let's do something evergreen, and finally, we planned to start selling junk food on the roadside in Noida sec-16, UP.

But I think God had a better plan for us, even after a week we could not get the space to start our own junk food business on the roadside, or may say we were not aware of the local authority like Police, Municipality, and more.

Who charge money to run any shop on the roadside, and because we were new there. so after giving our best we could not find a place to start. And in this time period our cook, whom my friend convinced to work with us for daily pay left us.

In this time period, we have purchased all the required things for running a junk food corner, like utensils, counter, and other things. Which became the reason for quitting the planned business, as both of us did know nothing about junk food cooking. 

So finally we sold out all the material that we bought. Now we are to do something for our daily expenses. And because all our money had gone in that. So we decided to start with a new job, and this time I got a job in a startup in Noida, which was then a new company but today is a well-known name, and that is Paytm.

And this job changed my whole life. Here one of my friends told me about website designing, and when he created an HTML page and run that on the browser, that hit in my mind. And that day I decided to learn website designing, after 5-6 months I quit my job for learning and started a small cyber cafe in Ghaziabad, as I had no money so I bought an old desktop and printer and started that with the minimum amount.

And in the evening time, I used to go to learn website design near my cyber cafe. Then after learning the basics of that I planned to close my cyber cafe to learn more about website designing, and Digital Marketing.

And because there was no institute for that in Ghaziabad, in my location, so I shifted to Noida and started learning both of the things and started a job too.

During the day I used to job and in the evening I used to go for website designing and digital marketing. And during my digital marketing classes, an built a job portal, which did not work even after trying for 1 year.

Later I worked on some other websites, which also did not work.

And when in 2019, Covid came then I have to go back to my village, then I had the full time to learn about these things. It was the time when I built a new website, BizAdda360.com. In this time I worked on various websites. Like QnaClub.com, Jobsalertree.com, Mbgbpatna.com, and many others.

And this is how my journey as a blogger started, and it will be interesting to see the future of my business journey.

It is just the beginning.....

Published by: BizAdda360 Official Updated: Jan 31, 2023, 1:53pm

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